Coordinating but not matching

I often get asked what to wear at a family session. I probably should have posted this several months ago when family sessions were in full swing, but what can I say, procrastination is one of my biggest strengths! I don’t write this just as a photographer, I write this as a mom who gets our family pictures taken too and let me tell you, I know it is not easy!! We had our family pictures taken last November and I was a mess, clothes were everywhere, I bought and took back so many outfits I could hardly remember what I was trying to have us wear!! I learned a couple things that might help you the next time you are having your family pictures taken.

The first thing you should do when picking family outfits is to find a theme. Do you want everyone to be dressy? Casual? Semi casual? Where are you doing the pictures? Once you decide how you want everyone dressed to coordinate with the location, then you can pick the colors. Picking the colors of your outfits can be challenging. My biggest problem was finding something for me that matches the rest of my family. They just don’t seem to style fashion with a whole family in mind. I had to search high and low to coordinate our outfits. With that in mind, pick about 2 or 3 colors you would like everyone to wear. If you try to pick more, it just gets confusing and harder to find clothes. You want your outfits to coordinate but not match exactly. Find clothes that accentuate your individual personalities and avoid everyone wearing the exact same thing!

So the first thing you should do¬† after you pick the colors is find Mom’s outfit first. Find what you look best in because that is the most important. Guys outfits stay about the same, button up shirt or sweater, it really doesn’t change much so I think dad’s outfits should be the last outfit you worry about! Coordinating kids can be tricky too but luckily kids look good in just about anything. With your 2 or 3 colors in mind, look for patterns with those colors or shades of those 2 or 3 colors that would coordinate together. If you can’t find clothes that coordinate, add accessories that do! Accessories really add texture and interest to pictures.

I hope this helps a bit. Remember, you want your clothes to say something about you and to let your personalities shine! But remember you wear the clothes, the clothes do not wear you so make sure it is not all about the clothes but that they are accenting an already fabulous family! And make sure you are comfortable, because if you feel comfortable you will look comfortable in your pictures. Below are two families I think did a phenomenal job at selecting family outfits!

Feel free to ask any questions or share any more tips you have about clothing in the comments section. Have a great day!


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